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北京快乐8在哪可以买:China-Europe Fund: High value of high-quality growth stocks

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内容摘要: In view of the recent strong performance of ChiNext,Sino-European Fundbelieves that the improvement in earnings expectations, policy encour...

In view of the recent strong performance of ChiNext, Sino-European Fund believes that the improvement in earnings expectations, policy encouragement, and theme-driven growth are the main reasons for the recent strengthening of the GEM. In the future, high-quality growth stocks will still have high allocation value.

The China-Europe Fund stated that the earnings growth of large-cap stocks in 2017 was higher than that of small-cap stocks, and the market style was significantly biased toward the broader market. It is expected that the small-to-medium-income profit margin in 2018 will be weak or converge, and the attractiveness of small-cap stocks will rise relatively. It is recommended that investors downplay the style of small and medium-sized stocks and dig deeper into value stocks from the bottom up. From the momentum indicators, the trend of switching from the “old economy” to the “new economy” last week is obvious. Central Fund suggested that investors can focus on the recent bank , Insurance , brokerage, real estate , computers, household appliances, liquor, retail trade, health care, transportation and other sectors.





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